Relayed Bitcoin Broker

At Relayed we provide custom developed applications for the global Bitcoin brokerage & FX services you need across your business or personal digital assets.

Simple, powerful & fast brokerage...

Developed by industry veterans to deliver the ultimate broker solutions

Online Accounts

Activte your trades online, anywhere, anytime.

Realtime Pricing

Real-time BTC/USD trading prices.

Industry Low Fees

Best deals in the market for approved clients.

Dedicated Broker

Every user is assigned their own broker.

Highly Scalable

Fast and low fee crypto brokerage

Relayed offers one the most advanced finance solutions alongside regulated UK businesses to deliver industry leading Bitcoin brokerage and FX services through your own online dashboard.

Login & get started

Send crypto to our secure wallets

Your Relayed account is highly secure, enabling management of your own transactions, while your funds are stored in our insured wallet and handled by our Bitcoin friendly bank.


Activate your sell order

The control is with you, allowing you to sell Bitcoin when you’re ready and when the price suits. Our fast processes will activate an immediate sale for the best wholesale prices.

Relayed to you

Request your funds in USD, EUR or GBP

You can sell your Bitcoin for USD, EUR or GBP and funds will be held in our regulated accounts until requested for withdrawal, allowing for the perfect process to suit your financial needs.

28 Currencies & FX

Sell directly to USD, EUR and GBP through your Relayed account to suit your needs, while we also choosing additional currency options as part of our broker FX services.

Trade with messaging

Relayed has been built to simplify and speed up your personal and business crypto brokerage, where messaging apps can control your sell orders.

Continuous live Bitcoin pricing 24/7 via your dashboard

Relayed never sleeps. We provide live pricing - continuously - based on wholesale market rates. Gone are the days of needing to contact a broker, during working hours, to access a great price.

Clear, open and transparent broker fees

Our fees are among the lowest in the Bticoin Broker industry. No hidden extras. No hidden charges.

Our fee structure is clearly displayed pre-sale, always.

Rapid settlement to 28 currencies

Relayed make fiat payments every 30 minutes. The vast majority of our payments (EUR, GBP, USD) clear the same day (within 1 hour), with others T+1. 

Sell Bitcoin to USD, EUR or GBP for as low as 1%. Additional FX fees will apply for alternative currencies.

We've worked 1 to 1 with Relayed for some time, with the brokerage handling our agency fees. The new application has transformed the service for us and we're honored to be a part of Relayed's future.

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